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 By Stephanie Griggs

Doing the Work

Last year, I found Tierra Burrell’s “TierraGoesGreen” Instagram page after reading about Christina Johnson’s (Cee-Lo Green’s ex-wife) amazing weight-loss transformation.  I was in need of losing the 20 pounds I had recently gained, and Christina’s weight-loss story was inspiring me to get moving.  When she mentioned in an interview that she credited her success to Tierra, I had to find out who this sister was!

 Tierra is a beautiful raw food vegan who created a 30-day lifestyle detox program geared towards helping clients rebalance their lives by first healing from within.  To my surprise, this was not your average detox program where you just sip juice and shed weight.  No. You are required to do the work.  There are mandatory homework assignments through the incorporation of films, books, and other materials to help you heal your whole self.  I’m talking about discovering why you are in your current state mentally, physically, and spiritually.   I remember reading two of the books and I was left speechless.  Chile, they read me from the inside out.  These reads weren’t in the typical, negative tone, but they were the type where your mother, aunts, and/or her sister-friends hem you up in the kitchen, and say, “Sit down, child.  And, let’s talk for a while.”  I was so emotional from reading that sometimes I had to put down the books, dissect what was read, let it marinate, then read again.

I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t discipline myself enough to complete the homework assignments so that I could continue with the program.  But, it is reassuring to know that Tierra still welcomes me with open arms.  I’m sure I’ll give the program another shot.  Although I’m constantly rediscovering new things about myself, I still need to do the work of healing on the inside.  I want to lose the weight, but I want to also be made whole. 


Tierra Burrell discusses what is real food (click here)

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