What is Creative Wellness?

Creative wellness covers the full range of what makes you well. We affirm that all the parts of your life work together to impact your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being.

We value you as a whole person beginning with how you cope with the day-to-day challenges of life to what you do to live with more joy. 

Flourishing in Transition is one of the tools of Creative Wellness that strengthens your ability to cope during changes in your life. 

Through telephone counseling, we will support you as you deepen your existing strengths to use your power to support and heal yourself.

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Creative Wellness Resources

Book: Live Healthy & Be Well: Create an Action Plan   Read an Excerpt (click here)

BlogMy Quiet Spaces: "This Joy I Have

Curriculum: "Power in the Pews Leader's Guide"

Video: " Power in the Pews video on YouTube.


I am offering Creative Wellness virtual coaching at 20% off until end of May
because of the pandemic of Covid-19 $80 per 60 minute session