Flourishing In Transition  (F.I.T.)

Transitions Happen~We can choose to flourish!

You can flourish and keep the joy in your life while in the "messy middle" of transitions:

Creative Wellness offers this special gift for you: the Flourishing in Transition (FIT) 5-week curriculum for individual or group Bible study. I used it for a five week virtual study by Conference Call and we had meaningful discussions. FIT gives you Reflections on maintaining wellbeing through Identifying your Strengths, Self-Care, Stillness, and Creating a New Vision.

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The focus of Flourishing in Transition (FIT) is to provide tools for my clients to flourish in the midst of transitions, change, and uncertainty.

The core content focuses on four areas:

1. Exploring strengths to define meaning and purpose

2. Creating an action plan to sustain health and wellness

3. Integrating silence and mindfulness into daily practices

4. Building a vision that includes joy and living with purpose

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