Hilda R. Davis, PhD, LPC

Hilda R. Davis, Founder of Creative Wellness, is honored to have spent the past twenty years joining my clients in the sacred space of their lives to achieve holistic goals.

I work with clients face to face and long distance through technology to offer:

  • Accountability coaching for meeting personal health and wellness goals,

  • Flourishing in Transition (FIT) coaching & workshops--offering a compassionate presence for you to  thrive despite life's changes, 

  • Skills for building health collaborations to strengthen the wellness of your congregation and community, and

  • Writing coaching to assist you in completing that book you've been working to get done. 


I have combined my vocational interests in spirituality and wellness to offer programs and ministries in congregations, government and private agencies, and educational institutions. My work in local congregations led to the publication of my book for women, Live Healthy & Be Well: Create an Action Plan, which offers Bible stories, meditation, and activities that lead to a wellness action plan. 

As a contract counselor for the Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee (now Insight) for ten years, I was able to integrate my spiritual insights with my mental health training, which is all part of the integrative (body, mind, and spirit) approach I take to therapy. 

I have combined my counseling career with my experiences teaching in academia, as Program Manager at United Methodist Communications, and as founding Faith-Based Director with the Tennessee Department of Health to develop integrative wellness programs and to write articles that offer support for whole person wellness. View blog here: This Joy I Have.

I have a daughter, Erin A. Grimes, who makes me proud and a "pure joy" three-year-old granddaughter, Ryan Lilliana.

I am offering Creative Wellness virtual coaching at 20% off until end of May
because of the pandemic of Covid-19 $80 per 60 minute session 

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