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Over the past few years our lives have changed in ways that were sometimes unsettling and even distressing.
But, you can re-discover what brings you joy,  reclaim your strength, and restore real connections. 

You can decide what wellness looks like for you.

You have unique dreams for your life, for what living well looks like and feels like.

Your wellness is not decided by social media, but through what connects to your spirit.

You can reclaim your wellbeing---Creating Wellness is here for you.
Creating Wellness offers virtual coaching that gives you the support and the strategies that enhance your resilience.
Wellness is your spiritual gift and a spiritual practice. You can decide what wellness looks like for you.
Make an Appointment Now I also lead wellness workshops, retreats, and Bible studies to organizations and faith communities to increase health and wellness for your members.         Let me help!
We offer support to keep you healthy and well.
You can create what wellness means for you.    Live with Faith---  not Fear.
"For whatever is born of God conquers the world.
And this is the victory that conquers the world, our faith."
1 John 5:4
When you are:   

Experiencing more JOY.  Practicing a stronger FAITH.

Embracing LOVE of Self & Others.  Living with PURPOSE   

You are  Creating Wellness
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